What does a Social Media Manager do?

A social media manager manages a company’s social media accounts. This includes curating content, creating posts, researching relevant industry trends, and designing creative visuals. The manager takes care of these tasks so the company can focus on its core business operations.

The Lennox Social…

As a social media manager, I take the reins on your social media accounts to ensure they are running smoothly and effectively. Understanding the importance of a strong online presence and working to create a cohesive, on-brand message across all your social media platforms. Our services include curating content, creating and scheduling posts, researching industry trends, and designing eye-catching visuals. By entrusting your social media to us, you can focus on running your business and leave online management to us. Note: Whilst we aren’t an ads management team, we certainly produce creative content around paid ads.

Let us help you build a strong, engaged community and achieve your business goals through social media.



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